Regaining Independence With 3D-Printed Prosthesis: John’s Story

John receiving his Victoria Hand, St. Luke’s Orthopedic Hospital, 2022.
Remba Island is situated in Lake Victoria Homa Bay County on the north-south border between Kenya and Uganda. It is a small, densely populated island and home to some 20,000 people whose economy is entirely dependent on fishing [1]. Images by Julie Olum (left) [2] and Google Maps (right).

“I lost my left arm in a [cold-blooded] domestic attack with a machete from a close family member. This incapacitated me for over 13 years, during which I faced social stigma from members of the public who always stared at me, I couldn’t dress properly, or walk with a steady gait.”

“Before I received my prosthesis I couldn’t dress easily, I couldn’t cook easily, I couldn’t even lift up an object as light as a cup, I couldn’t hug my family and also I couldn’t look for things in my bags.”

John at St. Luke’s Hospital learning how to use his functional Victoria Hand.

“The hand had a great social impact in my life… It has restored my dignity and social status. I now have confidence and I’m accepted in many social functions without raising unnecessary eyebrows.”

John using his new Victoria Hand to drink water from a cup in his home, 2022.

How You Can Help

Lazaru and Benson received Victoria Hands from our partners at St. Luke’s in June, 2021.

More Stories and Impact

Bin Amin writes with his new Victoria Hand (Child’s Hand, with the assistive writing device attachment).




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Victoria Hand Project

The Victoria Hand Project is a non-profit organization that designs low-cost, highly functional 3D printed prosthesis for amputees in-need across the world.