Functional 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands for Amputees in Need: Introducing the Victoria Hand Project

Recipients of the Victoria Hand Prosthetic Devices
Jigme going down a slide wearing his Victoria Hand prosthetic arm, Nepal 2018
Jigme wearing his Victoria Hand prosthetic arm, Nepal 2018
A 2009 publication conducted by the World Health Organization found that there are over 30 million amputees living in low-income countries who are in need of prostheses [2]. Of these, Maurice LeBlanc of Stanford estimates that 3 million of these people are upper limb amputees [3].
Bin Amin being fit with a VHP Child’s Hand, Kenya 2020
The Original TBM Hand, inspiration for the Victoria Hand
Isabel trialing an early version of the Victoria Hand, Guatemala 2015
Founding members of VHP (Michael Peirone, Dr. Nick Dechev, Josh Coutts) with early versions of the Victoria Hand, 2015
Youseff moving objects with his Victoria Hand prosthesis, Egypt 2017
Partners building a Victoria Hand, Cambodia 2018
Vanna using his Victoria Hand to pick up a water bottle, Cambodia 2019
Dr. Nick Dechev, CEO of the Victoria Hand Project, Canada 2019
Michael Peirone, Chief Operating Officer (left) and Kelly Knights, Biomedical Systems Designer (right) in the VHP lab, Canada 2020



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Victoria Hand Project

The Victoria Hand Project is a non-profit organization that designs low-cost, highly functional 3D printed prosthesis for amputees in-need across the world.